MAM Finalises its Strategic Plan

Dr Salmin Omar

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has finally come up with its strategic plan, which is expected to be launched very soon.

 According to the Secretary General of the association, Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar the plan will enhance development in the Muslim community.

In fact, this is first time in the history of the association, which was formed in several decades ago to have a strategic plan that improves efficiency.

The five-year plan will make association to improve on the education and health sectors, which the Muslim community is lagging behind.

For instance, Muslims have no high learning institution apart from colleges that offer short courses.

“We want to make strides in developments because sometimes it pains to see that we do not have sufficient health and education facilities. This is why we have come with this document so that it should our guideline in activities,” he said.

MAM for the past four months has been conducting workshops in all three regions where it solicited views from Muslims regarding the plan.

“What we have noted is that the previous regimes failed to come up with meaningful developments because they lacked proper guidelines in executing their plans,” added the SG.

Among other things that have included in the plan is how the association could become self-reliant.

For instance, the association looks forward to develop its 314 hactres of land in Chikhwawa district and its private schools across the country.

Apart from these activities, the association wants to inculcate the spirit of contributing towards their own development.

The association suggests that if Muslims could make a contribution of ten kwacha  ,then that can sum up to a lot of money and later be  channelled to meaningful development.

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