MAM Hands Over Mosque, School Block

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is finally back to work after a historical elections which saw Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad maintaining the national chairmanship seat.

The association has started their promising 5-year term with handing over the developments started in previous term which include mosques, madrassas, clinics and school blocks.

“People said we were doing this simply to score a political point. They said everything we were doing was part of the campaign which is not true,” said MAM Secretary General Alhajj Twaibu Lawe.

The newly opened mosque in T/A Liwonde, Machinga

Lawe was speaking during the handover ceremony of a Mosque in T/A Liwonde in Machinga District on Friday. He said what MAM is doing is a “continuation of our long term plan” they put in place, which one of them is to make sure that all Muslims in the country have access to good praying houses.

“If people don’t have good worshiping places, how do you expect them to do Ibadah fully? We all have problems and we need a place where we can go and talk to or seek forgiveness from Allah. This is easier if people have a good place where they can comfortably connect with God with no much hassles,” he said.
T/A Liwonde expressed his gratitude with the construction of the mosque. However, he was quick to say there is still more other areas that need mosques.

“A mosque is not just a praying house. It has so many advantages. It lets us connect with Allah, at the same bringing us together as a community. This is a 5th mosque out of 55 dilapidated mosques that need attention in my community. So, I ask MAM and other organisations to consider the remaining areas as well,” said T/A Liwonde.

On the same development, last month, MAM also opened and handed over a Madrassa with six classes at Chiponda village in Mangochi district. This eases challenges that most children in the area were facing in travelling long distances to look for the precious knowledge of their beautiful religion of Islam.

School Blocks in Chiponda Village
School Blocks in Chiponda Village

According to the MAM’s Project Manager Sheikh Farook Juma, the projects’ costs are estimated at six million kwacha for the mosque and 18 million kwacha for the school block with six classrooms.

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