MAM Releases Electoral Commissioners

The pace for 2016 MAM election can now be traced from a distance, as measures and modalities are been fixed one after another and major of the fixes is the release of election commissioners.

The 10 member election commissioners, to officiate the 2016 MAM’ election has been released by Muslim Association of Malawi board of trustees.

Monitored on Radio Islam, Chairman of MAM Board of Trustees, Sheikh Ali Kennedy, the elected commissioners will be responsible for the district and regional elections.

Additionally, the elected commissioners, will also take a lesser duty during national election, since, board of trustees of the Muslim Association of Malawi are obligated to lead it.

The ten commissioners include Al-haj Twaibu Lawe who is currently MAM Acting Secretary General, Mr. Aman Kunje, who commissioned the past elections, Dr. John Kazembe a lecturer at Bunda College of agriculture, Mr. Yusuf Jumah, Sheikh Sadi Maganga, Mr. CF Lano, Mr. DB Mataka, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, Mr. Yusuf Chinyada and Mr. Lemani Chingwalu.

Al-Haj Lawe: Chairing the electoral commission

Asked on what criteria used when appointing these commissioners so that everyone shall be convinced with the results, Sheikh Kennedy said; “We took into consideration different things in these people and I can say we are sure that these people will do their job responsibly since some of them have been involved in MAM elections in the past for instance Al-Haj Twaib Lawe and he is the one chairing the electoral commission.”

“Mr. Aman Kunje has been in commission in the past elections with good record.  Mr. Yusuf Jumah is lawyer who will be directing the commission in issues to do with laws. Sheikh Dinala Chabulika and Sheikh Sadi Maganga are there to make sure that everything is happening in accordance to Islam, Mr. lemani chingwali is a businessman who can convince other people who run different businesses to contribute towards these elections and Yusuf Chinyada is there as a Media personnel” he said.

He also disclosed that the elections period has been extended for four months due to lack of support from the general public.

“Earlier on we planned to have these elections from April to June but we have failed to fulfill this due to lack of financial support and we have decided to extend the elections calendar and August as the deadline.” said the board of trustees Chairman.

He also said apart from asking the donors to support these elections, MAM is also raising some funds from the poultry farming which was introduced at Gada Farm in Blantyre.

He also said the term of the Executive Committee has also been extended until the time of elections and asked all MAM affiliates to get well prepared.


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