Mama Khadija Reinstates Suspended Students, School Opens on March 4

School to reopen on March 4, 2012

Authorities at Mama Khadija Girls Academy have reinstated students who were dismissed and suspended from the school following the fracas that ensued at the school on Monday, Malawi Muslims Website has learnt.

Following the article that appeared on Wednesday February 23, 2012, one of the officials at the school contacted the Malawi Muslims Website to “update the nation with correct facts” of what really transpired at the school.

“Four students were actually dismissed and 15 others suspended,” reported the official (name withheld). “But not all of them left the school although they were still attending classes as they were waiting for their parents to come and pick them. However, after some discussions which included the school management, the community, the Director of Al Barakah Charity Trust and the Chairman of the Al Barakah Council, the decision to dismiss and suspend the students has now been rescinded.”

Asked to comment about the claims of unhealthy food that caused the whole pandemonium, the official confirmed the allegations: “The route cause is (of course about the) poor food, but claims of cases where the food caused some healthy problems…. I think are unfounded, to the best of my knowledge.”

He further reported that the school will open on March 4, 2012 and will be  opened unconditionally to all the students who were dismissed or suspended due to the unrully protests.

Mama Khadija Private Girls’ Academy is a state of the art secondary school complex based in Namwera 38-km away from Mangochi, the southern district of Malawi with a capacity of 1000 students. It is the main project of Al-Barakah Charity Trust and is headed by Sheikh Abdullah Noor from Sudan.

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