Man Commits to Improve Secular and Islamic Education in Mangochi

A Malawian man based in South Africa, Abdul Rashid Jannah has constructed Naseema Mustapha Educational Centre in the area of Senior Chief Chowe, Mangochi district aimed at offering both secular and Islamic education.

Speaking in an exclusive with Muslim Media Agency,Jannah said the centre has a primary school (standard 4- standard 8),Madrassah ,nursery school, and a vocational centre that trains people in tailoring.

“Naseema Mustapha Educational Centre has come in the area of Senior Chief Chowe to improve the lives of people through education. We have a boarding primary school which is opening its doors very soon but the nursery and tailoring centre are serving the community,”he told Muslim Media Agency.

Jannah said the aim of the centre is to continue the good works started by the late Mufti Abbas Kasim.

“The centre is situated in the village of late Mufti Abbas Kasim and we need to continue honoring his legacy. I need to give people both secular and Islamic knowledge to make them self reliant,” he told Muslim Media Agency.

Jannah said in the near future, he plans to construct a girl’s boarding school.

“We also need to educate a lot of girls in this area. Soon , we will also construct a boarding school for girls only,” he said.

The proprietor of Naseema Mustapha Educational Centre told Muslim Media Agency that the construction of the school is funded by well-wishers from South Africa.

He says soon the school will call for interviews to admit the first students at the primary school.

For more details about the institution, contact the Principal, Sheikh Mustapha Matola on 0985428801 or WhatsApp him on +966540552108

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