Mangochi Plans To Have Own Ijtima In November

Mangochi Muslims: Captured earlier as they were going to Mangochi Police Station to discuss about the confiscated camera
Mangochi Muslims: Captured earlier as they were going to Mangochi Police Station to discuss about the confiscated camera

Mangochi Muslims have said they are frustrated with the ongoing exclusion of sheikh Adam Imran who is the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) chairman for the district on the list of lecturers at the annual Islamic gathering called Ijtima.

Meanwhile Malawi Muslims website has learnt that preparations are underway for the Muslims to have their own gathering this coming November in what they termed as solidity towards their preferred sheikh.

The event is said to be spearheaded by the Mangochi Business committee.

But in an interview one of the senior members of the committee, Elias Bwanali popularly known as Chenyato distanced his grouping from this development.

“Yes there are rumors, am also hearing them from other people. But nothing yet has reached me. But if there can be anything happening we will let you know,” said Bwanali.

But the sheikh in question sheikh Adam Imran has since admitted his exclusion on the list of sheikhs delivering lectures at Ijtima by the organizers.

“I have only delivered a lecture on three occasions in my life. The 1996 and 1997 and 2004 events only. Later I was suspended to speak because I like speaking the truth and stand for my fellow Muslims. In 2004 at Namwera I was also given another chance to speak at the Ijtima which was officially opened by the late president Bingu wa Mutharika. That was the last Ijtima which I remembered to have attended. I attended because the people of Mangochi demanded me to be there. After my presentation, I was at large because the police were looking for me for speaking against the presence of a non Muslims. You can see that I was speaking the truth but the authorities did not like it,” said sheikh Imran.

The sheikh further said that he doesn’t understand why Majilis Ulama sidelined him in the just ended Ijtima in Salima though he remains the leader of all Muslims in Mangochi.

“My election as the MAM chairperson for Mangochi district did not go down well in the mind of the headquarters officials. They did not like my election. No wonder these are the results of going against all odds and take the challenge. Nevertheless, I will not stop speaking the truth because I stand for the truth,” said the sheikh.

Majilis Ulama council of Malawi has since admitted to have omitted sheikh Imran. However, Spokesperson for the Muslim Theologians Sheikh Dinala Chabulika said it is not only Sheikh Imran who was omitted from the list, but other sheikhs too.

 Reporting by Hassan Bhoma Phiri, Correspondent

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