Mass strikes in Egypt, and the future of Arab world

Cairo: Fresh protests and strikes across the country calling for better pay and work conditions from the country’s in-charges. Protestors announced their strike from work until their demands are met; “we are working in a very difficult situation and none is paying attention to our problems” said one of the protesters.

The strike has affected many government sectors, that prompted immediate appeal from the government authorities for calm amid promises that they’ll consider worker s’ demands.

Member of staff in health sector organized protests demanding better pay and improvement in their working conditions. Ambulance drivers went for strike, they have made it clear that they’ll not go back to their jobs unless their demands are answered “Just imagine I gain 350LE (Egyptian pound) and I have family of 5 children, how am I going to survive with this payment” wondered one of the doctors.

In a TV statement, the military urged the Egyptians to go back to work. Tahrir square was cleared from the protesters, but hundreds returned, joined by displeased police who organized demonstrations calling for better pay and working conditions.

“We and the people are one” shouted the police. The police also demanded reduction in their working hours, “why don’t we have specified number of working hours? The payment we get doesn’t meet our daily needs, our working conditions are very bad” said one of the police men.

Public transport sector is among the affected areas from the ongoing strike, the workers have threatened not to go back to their jobs until their demands are responded.

“What kind of treatment is this, don’t they know that we have families, where is humanity, it’s high time, we need better pay and working conditions” demanded the drivers.

Arab region

Fears are amounting across the Arab world, according to Ahram news paper; demonstrations are fast spreading in Arab countries calling their regimes for real changes.

Algeria police clashed with hundreds of protesters who are calling for change and departure of President Abdulaziz Butafrica, the clash left scores of injuries that prompted human rights group’s intervention to save the lives of demonstrators.

Elsewhere in Jordan, Yemen and Bahrain people demonstrated in huge numbers calling for change. In Jordan now it’s almost a month citizen’s started demonstration calling for King Abdullah’s resignation.

In Bahrain the majority shia took to the streets calling for change in political, economic and social situations despite government’s last week offer $2500 for each and every family to improve their living standards.

In Yemen, thousands of students and lawyers went to the streets calling for immediate resignation of President Ali bib Saleh, political reform and social living conditions are among of the demands.

Meanwhile, the authorities in Egypt denied the existence of American warship near Suez Canal. Earlier reports reviewed presence of USA warship near the Suez inland waterway to protect its trade-ships from possible attacks. The incident has been described by the political analysts as a threat to Egyptian sovereignty and security.

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