Massage to my fellow Youth in Islam

Oh my fellow youth! Where have we gone wrong?
When? Why?
To whom does all the blame belong?
The answer my friend is you
The Muslim youth
Islam has lost its respect
And we still laugh and joke like there’s time left
I see my sisters leave the hijab behind
I mean the don’t even see it as a crime
They say that they’re not afraid of what their parent might say
But have the forgotten about the Judgment day?
I’m not a hypocrite nor a liar
So Imam tell the truth to save us from the hellfire
I’m Afraid
I’m afraid of the day I will stand up before Allah (SWT)
When my mouth will lose its tongue
But my body parts will speak
I can’t control my hands
I can’t dictate what to say
I’m afraid of that day
When my good deeds and bad deeds will be weighed. and the hand I will receive my book is clear
And the ground bares witness to what I did then and there
That day when I’ll be asked what I did in my youth
What I did in this dun’ya to help spread the truth
I’m afraid
On that day I’ll be asked why I missed my salah
What shall I say to Allah (SWT)?
Fajr was too early I couldn’t get up
Is that what I’ll say to Al Khaliq the Creator?
I pray these lines will be my witness
To prove I did something to spread the deen during my youth and fitness
I hope me and my sisters/brothers won’t be driven by the Western Culture, where we’re still ‘young’
And supposed to have “fun”
I see they’re fitnah I hope you do too
Allah please make us some of those whom never leave you
Make us one of those lucky ones standing under your shade
Cause of what we did back in those days
Cause of what we did in when we were young
Cause we managed to bring our dawah along
Oh Allah! Help us repent and pray
Oh Allah! Forgive us as we have wronged and been wronged before
Oh Allah! Make our deen easy for us in our youth
so we may grow old in it
and die in it
Coming back to you
inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.
To God we belong and to Him is our return.


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