MASYAP Engages Youth in HIV/AIDS Fight

Mariam Khan

Mai Aisha Sisters Youth and AIDS Program (MASYAP) has engaged Muslim youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

 Masyap Coordinator Mariam Khan says the youth are the windows of hope in the Muslim community; hence, they cannot be left out in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

 “As the world fight against HIV/AIDS, we cannot leave out our youth because they are most sexually active group. We want them to be aware of the dangers of this deadly pandemic because they are the ones who are greatly affected especially in the sub-Saharan Africa.

 “We do also remind them about the importance of education and encourage them to abstain and uphold Islamic identities,” said Khan.

 The coordinator also said they decided to engage the youth because they are the future leaders, saying that if they don’t empower them with information on the danger of HIV then they are killing them.

When asked why it is important for Muslims also to take part in the fight against HIV/AIDS Khan said:

“As Muslims, we felt that it is important that we should also take part in spreading awareness of this disease because it has not left each sector of the society. It affects and infects everyone regardless of his or her religious background.”

The coordinator therefore asked the youth in the country to visit MASYAP office which is situated at Rabia Mall beside Metro Shop in Limbe. She said as professionals, they don’t disclose HIV status of anybody on the basis of confidentiality.

MASYAP is a subsidiary of Mai Aisha Trust which works with Blantyre City Council Aids Department.

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