Matola Takes Corruption Fight Campaign to the Masjid (Mosque)

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola has taken the fight against corruption to the masjid (mosque) urging Muslims in the country to desist from corrupt practices.

Matola was speaking in Mangochi district where he was the Guest of Honor during a Saiti Kadzuwa Masjid opening ceremony.

The call comes at a time when reports are showing the country has been losing huge sums of money through corruption, a practice that derails development of the country.

Matola who led the prayers at the newly constructed masjid specifically mentioned illegal water and electricity connection as areas where government is losing a lot of money through corruption.

“This is something we shouldn’t dare to do even at this new masjid. Follow all proper channels to get connected and pay what is due to the government. We will not be successful in our prayers, businesses and any other worldly activities and even in the hereafter if we involve ourselves in corrupt practices. Allah will not accept our prayers, will not bless us and will not forgive us if we indulge ourselves in corruption. It is against Islam and it is against the norms of life to be a corrupt person. Please let us stay away from corruption,” the minister said.

Hon. Matola after opening the masjid

On the new masjid, Matola asked local business Malawian Muslims to emulate what Allie KK Saidi has done by constructing a masjid using his own money without relying on donors.

“Look here, a very beautiful structure built by a local Malawian without any donor involvement.  This is what we want as Malawian Muslims. Time has come for us to show the people that we can do it. Let us not depend our lives on external donors, they too have issues to settle in their countries,” he said.

The minister, who is also a qualified Shiekh,urged Muslims in Mangochi to take care of the masjid.

Matola said: “Let us take care of this masjid. Let us not leave all the responsibilities of managing and maintaining the masjid to the one who has constructed it. Let us help him and as we do, let me repeat, do not use illegal money because you will waste your prayers.”

Saiti Kadzuwa Masjid has been constructed by Allie KK Saidi, a business person who owns hardware store in Mangochi district.

In an interview with Muslim Media Agency, Saidi said it has taken him two years to construct the masjid and he is planning to construct a primary school, which he wishes to hand over to the government after completion to ease long distance challenges which students around the community face.

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