MPs Hike for Themselves New Perks

Members of Parliament (MPs) have hiked for themselves salary increases to K1,100, OOO Million with each of the 193 parliamentarian getting a total of K2, 200,000 in allowances on top of their salaries which is at K949,000 per month.

Previously, Members of Parliament were getting K862,400 as basic salary per month plus other fat terminal benefits such as K200,000 Housing Allowance,K400,000 Constitutional Allowance, K250,000 Motor vehicle Maintenance Allowance, K150,000 Hospitality Allowance, and K150,000 Utility Bills Allowances, among others, and this is per month.

According to media reports, the MPs started receiving the new perks in October, 2020 from the budget which was passed by the National Assembly in September, 2020 for the 2020/2021 financial year, effective from 1st July, 2020, proving to the poor Malawians that in monetary perks, there’s no opposition and government benches, all are one.

From October, 2020, the MPs have doubled their allowances to K2,200,000, a development which is a proof on its own that Malawi is not poor and politicians are the ones fooling their own people to think that that their country is poor, enriching themselves at the expense of the same poor country.

Meanwhile, Muvi wa Chilungamo has described the doubling of allowances by MPs as greedy, selfish and thieves, very fanny and very joking, urging Malawians to start identifying new MPs in their constituencies that will take Malawi and its poor people at heart, considering the pathetic economy of Malawi.

Muvi wa Chilungamo is urging all Malawians to stand up and speak on matters affecting their country saying MPs will be pocketing close to K3 Million per month per one individual out of 193 parliamentarians saying they are enriching themselves at the expense of them being quiet as if everything is good for the country.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah said it is sad for Blantyre Rural West constituency Parliamentarian fooling his constituents that Government has no funds to build tarmac in the constituency until 2022 while he started pocketing K3 Million as allowance for the same constituency he is serving.

He is assuring all greedy and selfish MPs that Muvi wa Chilungamo will be on the ground to make sure they are not voted back into Parliament in 2025, advising them to prepare for their exit strategy, saying Malawians have already judged them as thieves.

“You will be a –one term MP in office, you have voted yourself out, let the constituents be identifying a suitable replacement for this MP, Blantyre Rural West has the Walkers Ferry, Tedzani, Kapichira and Mkula hydro power plant, Chileka Airport, no tarmac road,”charged Jumah.

Jumah is therefore pleading to the Tonse Alliance Government to consider compensating the people of Blantyre rural west with three roads to be tarmac, claiming that Blantyre was founded in 1876 and the late Kamuzu used to send a bus to this area in the 1970s saying Blantyre is known for the great contribution from this area in moving the economy of Malawi.

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