Mufto Hailed for Ramdhan Get Togethers

Muslim Female Teachers Organization (MUFTO) has been hailed for organising a women get together in Zomba which has imparted women with knowledge pertaining to Ramadhan.

Muslim women Organization (MWO) Zomba chapter, hailed MUFTO at the end of the get together held at Zomba Development and Education Center (ZODEC) on Monday.

According to Sister Mariam Jiya who is the secretary general for the Zomba chapter of MWO, the get together has helped the women in the district to know more about the month of Ramadhan.

“On behalf of the chairlady for Muslim Women Organisations (MWO) Zomba chapter would like to thank MUFTO for organising such a program in preparations for the month of Ramadhan, it has been a nice program, ladies have learnt what they to do, and what they have not to do In the month of Ramadhan” Sister Jiya said.

She then revealed plans that they are organising a gathering for all women in the district, where different sheikhs will be invited to educate women on issues to do Ramadhan.

The MWO secretary then called upon other organisations to come up with different activities for women saying they are many women who are in dire need of information pertaining to Ramadhan.

On her part, Chairlady for MUFTO, Sister Zakia Hafswa Noordeen said they organised the get together in order to teach and remind women on different issues to do with Ramadhan.

She said there are many misconceptions which rise during the month of Ramadhan, hence organising the get together In order to furnish them with knowledge.

“We organised this gathering in order to educate and remind the women on issues to do with Ramadhan” The MUFTO chairlady said.

Sister Noordeen then expressed her excitement on the turn out and hailed the organising partners and ZODEC officials for allowing them to hold the function at the institution.

And according to one of the attendant of the get together, Salama Qasim thanked the organisers saying it has helped her to clearly understand issues to do with Ramadhan.

She then urged her fellow attendants, to put the knowledge acquired to use, and also share the knowledge with those who did not manage to attend the function.

During the get together which is the third gathering after the other get togethers held In Ntcheu and Blantyre, women received Qurans, different Islamic literatures and scarfs, and they are been held under the them “welcome ramadhan”.


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