Muslim Artists Association Promises Excellent Products

Embracing the new name “Muslim Artists Association of Malawi”, (MAAM) formerly known as Islamic Arts, the Association has assured Muslims in the country, that they should expect excellence in their products.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website, interim MAAM Chairperson Khadhaf Ahmad Pilo said this upon preparations of their first show which will take place at Ngoms Park in Liwonde this coming Sunday 31 January 2016.

“We have organized our first show since the introduction of Muslim Artist Association late last year and this show will take place on this coming Sunday 31st January 2016 at Ngoms Parks in Liwonde, we want to change the cycle of different arts starting from nasheeds, comedies poetry and other creative works which educate and inform the Muslims community,” said Pilo.

Ishmail Katawala performing during a live show

He said the Association has put in place a lot of measures and guidelines which will help the association’s artists produce professional products, as oppose to the past years, where composing, producing, were all done in hasty and childish.

“The Association will be responsible to scrutinize any produced art before releasing it, if the poem or nasheed has no Islamic centred message it will be barred before reaching at the market, in short no any nasheed, song or drama will be sold without our permission,” said the Wapachanya hit maker”.

Currently, the Association is looking for the funds to assist its members and the members will be asked to inform the association whenever they want to have a live show, said Pilo.

“We want to bring dynamism in Islamic talents, as it is evident that there was no procedure which was followed, when an artist scheduled to stage a live show”. “It was quite confusing our audience for two artists having a show on a similar day in different venues, yet the audience is one, which gave us low turnout in most instances,” “MAAM will not allow that to happen in the future as it will strictly follow rules and regulations of this established association.”

Anganga Ajabilu in action

Currently the association has 43 members; 32 in its Blantyre Chapter, 9 and 2 members in Lilongwe and Mzuzu Chapters respectively and it introduced a membership fee of k2000 nonrenewable to those who want to join as one way of sourcing funds for sustainability.

The association will dissolve its interim Executive Committee after sourcing enough funds for its elections where they will choose a permanent Committee. Currently Khadhaf Ahamad Pilo is the interim MAAM Chairperson and Yusuf Bamusi as a Treasure General.

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