Muslim Awards Preps on advanced stage-Classic Events

The official organisers of Malawi Muslim Awards, Classic Events in Malawi have assured the Muslim community and all Malawians to expect more on this year’s Malawi Muslims Awards which is scheduled to take  on 15th November this year.

The Classic events responsible for media and communications Bashil Amin disclosed this to Malawi Muslims website in an exclusive interview saying the preparations are on the advanced stage and very shortly, they will be done with everything.

“Currently we are taking some final punches in all the categories and this time around, we have ten categories which we are looking at and some of them are categories which we had last year like the best Nasheeds artist, best learner, the best journalist, the best Dawah group and many more,” said Amin.

He also said this year’s event will be different from the previous events since they have invited different guests.

“This will be an improved and colorful event compared to the last year one. We have organised in a such way that everyone will enjoy it. Also, we have invited different guests from outside and different parts of Malawi. Of course, we cannot disclose the Guest of Honor for this particular day and other guests as of now because some of them have not yet responded to our invitations but we are very optimistic that they will be there,” he said.

Amin said they decided to shift the venue of this event from Sports Complex at College of Medicine where the event took place last year to Comesa Hall in Blantyre with an aim of giving assurance to the people that the event will be an extra-ordinary one.

He further said this year they received more nominations and currently they are finalizing compiling them so that they should submit to the judges at the right time.

“We received over 50 nominations and I should take this advantage to ask people to come so that they should witness this wonderful event,”

He said this event as usual will be spiced up by the Nasheeds from artists like Ishmael Katawala, Ahmed Pilo and other activities like poetry and comedies.

Currently, tickets are available on the market, going at MK2000 and people can buy from Jackshoppers in Limbe and Blantyre or by calling 265888371717.

Unlike last year, this year’s event will start from 9 o’clock in the ,morning.

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