Muslim Girls Have Right to Acquire Education with Hijaabs

Muslims in the country say it is not legal for the Anglican Church to say it will privatize its Government funded schools if Muslim girls’ insist to be wearing Hijaabs in these institutions.

Reacting to Anglican Bishop of Upper Shire’s Brighton Malasa sentiments, Muslims say Malawi children including Muslim girls have a right to learn in these schools because they are funded by tax payers money.

Few days ago, Anglican Church in the country, threatened to turn their 55 schools in the into private schools, after being irritated with hijabs taskforce committee, which is championed by Muslims.

Anglican Bishop of Upper Shire Brighton Malasa said that if Malawi government will allow this hijab taskforce committee continue its activities in their schools, they will not have option but to effect their resolution.

However, Muslim Taskforce committee said they will continue with their campaign until their objectives are achieved.

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