Muslim Hospitals Left Out of Covid-19 Funding, IHAM Bemoans

The lab images of COVID- 19

The lab images of COVID- 19

Islamic Health Association of Malawi (IHAM) has expressed worry over government’s decision to keep it away from the list of hospitals to benefit from 100 million kwacha covid-19 funds.

The development come days after state president Dr Lazarous Chakwera directed that CHAM hospitals should be given the said money to help in the fight against covid 19 pandemic.

IHAM has been left out of the list despite signing memorandum of understanding with Ministry of health to support government in the health provision services in Malawi.

Reacting to this development,IHAM executive Director Hajj Dyton said they were surprised to learn that Iham is not on the list of beneficiaries from the 100 million kwacha as CHAM.

He however said “the organization is engaging the authority in the ministry of health so that hospitals under Islamic health association should also get the funds,” adding they are also “supporting government in the fight against covid 19.”

Reacting Principle secretary in the ministry of health Dr Charles Mwansambo asked IHAM to submit a detailed budget and outline its initiatives to presidential task force on covid 19 to be considered.

Mwansambo further said faith based organizations like IHAM and CHAM are vital in the fight against covid 19 as such there is need for concerted efforts to fight the pandemic.

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