Muslim Students Advised to Live by Islamic Principles

Muslim students in the country have been advised to live by Islamic principles if they are to achieve their academic goals.

The advice was made by Moulana Abdu Rwahmaaan Massi of Anjuman taalim center during a get together held at Malindi Secondary school in Zomba on November 25.

Moulana Massi said, youths should understand that they can not achieve what they want in life of they leave aside Islamic principles.

“Youth should live by Islamic principles, because there is no any tangible exuse they can be given for their abandonment of islamic principles, and they should know that they can’t succeed if they don’t fear Allah” Said Moulana Abdu Rwahmaan Massi.

He added that future of Islam lies in them, hence a need for them to be practical Muslims.

He then hailed the organisers for bringing the youth together, saying such gatherings are good platforms through which they can share their experiences.

Maulana Massi

“These gatherings are very important, because it is good that the youths, should be meeting and discussing issues affecting them on their own, this helps them to be open to each other” Moulana Massi added.

Speaking at the function, Dawood Yunusu, who represented Chairperson of Chancellor College Muslim Students Association (CHAMSA), said Muslim students are facing some challenges which restrain them from fully practising Islam.

Yunusu said, in some learning institutions, youths are not allowed to form associations, and even putting on hijaab by girls among others.

“There are some institutions, in which we still have no Muslim Students Associations (MSAs), while In some institutions girls are not allowed to put on hijaab” Yunusu said.

He then urged Muslim authorities to consider empowering youths structures like National Muslim Students Association (NAMSA) and Islamic Information Bureau youth desk with resources for them to carried out their activities.

Yunusu said, such structures are vital, because they are better pisitioned in reaching out to the students, since MSAs are available in most school.


Dawood Yunusu

However, Edina John who was among the participants of the get together, who is also a leaner at High Profile Secondary school in Zomba, said most girls do not put on hijab because of bad associations.

She said, at her school learners are allowed to dress islamically, but most girls do not put on hijaab.

“Most girls at our school do not put on hijaab, despite being allowed to do so, simply because they have bad associations” Edina said.

She then advised fellow students to start practising Islamic principles at their learning institutions.

The get together attracted learners from different learning institutions and youth groups from Zomba and Blantyre.

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