Muslim Students Urged to Aim for Higher Qualifications

Boys and girls sharing knowledge
Muslims students should aim higher

BALAKA – Muslim students in Malawi’s eastern region District of Balaka have been urged not to be contented with the passing of the Malawi Schools Certificate of Education (MSCE) but should aim for higher qualifications, if they are to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

The call was made by Samson Kaloti, Balaka Secondary School Muslim Student Association (MSA) patron on Sunday November 20, 2011 at his school during a get-together gathering of about 562 students from 18 secondary schools from within the region. It was organised by Al-Barakah Charity Trust, Balaka Dawah Section office.

Speaking on the sidelines of the same function, John Musah who is the chairperson for the Balaka Secondary School MSA chairperson  and Sister Grace Awazi a member, applauded the organisers for arranging the function at their school as the students there are facing many challenges.

“We happen to hide our islamic identities and are shy to be identified as Muslims.” Grace Awazi told the Malawi Muslims Website.

“(With full support from Muslim organisations like Al-Barakah) we shall defend and become good ambassadors of Islam here at school and in the society. I therefore urge my fellow Muslims girls to desist from peer pressure and money from boys. Our time will come.’’ She added.

The vice chairperson for Muslim Association of Malawi in Balaka, Sheikh Ismail Mtiko said that the programe was very successful: “It’s theme was good and many (students) have learnt more on how to overcome challenges from peer pressure and not be satisfied with JCE and MSCE (qualifications), but go further with their studies up to Universities to become good leaders in future.”

He further urged also other Islamic  NGOs to emulate Al-Barakah’s example and organise similar programmes in his district.

In his remarks, the Director for Al-Barakah Charity Trust Balaka Office Sheikh Mahamoud Umdah also urged all Muslims to work together, “as in unity there is power and Muslims can do more developments and improve lives of many Muslims.”

Among the activities performed by students like poetry and drama, there were lectures from various Sheikhs.

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