Muslim Women Organization Cheers Orphans in Blantyre

Some of the children praising Allah with Qadhaf Ahmad Pilo
Some of the children praising Allah with Qadhaf Ahmad Pilo and Salimu Kumpita

As one way of practicing the lessons learnt during the Holy month of Ramadhan, Blantyre Muslim Women Organisations (MWO) last Sunday organized a luncheon with orphans at Zagaf Masjid in Machinjiri.

Speaking during the event, MWO Regional coordinator Asiatu Lipenga told Malawi Muslim Website that they decided to systemize the lunch to cherish the orphans who failed to cerebrate with the organization on Eid Day.

“We decided to organize this lunch considering that we have a lot of orphans in the country, as we all know that every woman has a responsibility to take care of any child that’s why we are here today to share some food with them and its another way of following the footsteps of our prophet Muhammad (S.A.W),” said the regional coordinator

Lipenga also said they will continue with the Eid cerebrations for the whole month of Shawwal in order to reach out to as many kids as possible; those who did not celebrate this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr due to their predicament.

Asked on what they are doing to assist these needy kids on issues to do with education, Lipenga said; “we planned to to give these kids some gifts to assist them in their education but we did not have enough time to assemble all the required accessories but very shortly we will (come back) to give them some learning materials such as exercise book and school uniforms,” she said

She also said that their organization has assisted a lot of students since they have been sponsoring needy students in different secondary schools such that others have finished their education and have gotten good jobs.

“We have already done a lot in the past in educating the orphans, and others have now secured good jobs. As you know, MWO has been doing charity work for over 30 years now,” said MWO southern region leader.

Lipenga also asked the women in the country to unite in order to end the internal wrangles among organizations in the country.

“My fellow women, lets always stand together regardless that we are coming from different organizations, we have to know that a Muslim relates to a Muslim so if there is misunderstanding we better sit down and discuss than fighting in a war of words,” she concluded.

A cross section of MWO members at Zagaf Masjid

Speaking joyfully, a standard five 12 year old boy who lost both parents said he was very happy with the event since it will help him to learn a spirit of sharing with others.

He also asked the women to consider the young stars in terms of Islamic education to become responsible citizens of this country.

“I am very happy today since I was not expecting to be among these people (celebrating Eid today), its so encouraging to me but what I can ask these women is to give us much assistance on Islamic education as well,” said the twelve year old boy.

The event was spiced up with beautiful nasheeds performed by Ahmad Pilo and Salimu Kumpita

Muslim Women Organization has been operating in Malawi for more than 30 years.


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