Muslim Youth United

Muslim youth united(MYU) has successfully handed over the covid 19 equipments which have been purchased using fund from well wishers and donors

Muslim Youth United Head of Health Department Muddasir Anjum told Malawi Muslim official website that the organisation is happy that it has fulfilled its dreams.

“We are very happy to make such a donation. When we had heard that situations are getting worse due to increase in covid-19, we contacted QECH on how we can help in such matter. It’s when we found out that there was a need of Covid-19 equipments to enable the health workers to work successfully,” said Anjum.

The organisation has donated two patient Monitors, 800 hepari, 25 rain coats, 25, 000 face masks and 2 pulse meter.

“We have used K8 million kwacha approximately,” he said.

Speaking in an interview, Deputy Hospital Director responsible for Clinical services, Mr Kelvin Mponda commended Muslim Youth United for the donation.

“This is a very helpful donation to us, as the number of positive cases continue to escalate even for us as a hospital we are having many admissions averaging lately over 10 per day. And all these patients require care, so we need huge volume of PPES to delve the patients better.”

“We have been trying but certainly we need a hand from other partners and Muslim Youth United has always been a wonderful partner, in this regard so we are very happy for their generosity,” said Mponda.

Mponda further said due to Covid-19 most of their usage supplies have multiplied.

“For example, at first in a month we used to use 25,000 Face masks but as of now we need to have 100,000 Masks for us to last a month. So we still need more support for us to combat this pandemic,” he added.

Muslim youth United raised funds from the well wishers and donors to purchase covid-19 equipment following an SOS sounded by the health authorities at the facility.

Muslim youth United is a nongovernmental organization. Currently, the grouping adopted two wards at QECH namely (Neurosurgical Ward and Orthopedic ward) and they feed QECH every Wednesday.

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