Muslims Hail JB for Appointing Fard Assan as Justice Minister

Fard Assan: The New Broom
Fard Assan: The New Broom

The appointment of Fard Assan by President Dr Joyce Banda as Minister of Justice has pleased many people in the country including Muslims.

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad said the appointment of Fard is an indication that the current government has faith in Muslim professionals which he said Muslims in the country need to be proud of.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website at Blantyre Islamic Mission where he was a Guest of Honour for this year’s Family and Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) competition prize presentation ceremony.

In fact, he was reacting to the Honourable Ibrahim Matola’s speech. Matola requested Muslims in the country to concentrate on both Islamic and secular studies for them to be considered in higher government positions.

“The appointment of Fard Assan on that position is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. He is there because he did both secular and Islamic studies. So he is guided by two things –Shariah and the country’s secular laws which will help him to work effectively in as far as the battle of fighting against corruption is concerned. I think the President has also seen the same that’s why she has appointed him,” said the Chair.

Another Muslim Dawood Adams based in South Africa also concurred with the chairman saying the appointment of Assan is timely.

“Hon. Fard Assan comes in when Malawi needs true justice. Malawians are crying because their resources are abused at Capital Hill by greedy individuals at expense of poor Malawians. The civil servants have not been paid in time, like teachers  and others, even essential services are not  been properly rendered in number of institution, take for example shortage of drugs in major hospitals & health centers.

 “This could not have been a better time for a Justice Minister other than a Muslim who will be countable to all Malawian but above to his creator. The appointment is a prerogative of the President, and the high office has a trust on a Muslim…I am sure the presidency sees justice in Islam through Fard,” said Adams working at Amka Products (Pty) Ltd as Dispensary Ass. Supervisor & Inventory Auditor.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Abu Naseem Abu Hosaam said: “He is a citizen of this nation, he deserve anything just like any Malawian regardless his belief. We are very grateful that our Islamic community is contributing to the development of this country.”

Assan is well known as no-nonsense person who also once worked Director of Public Prosecution in Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime revealed.

His appointment has been praised by many people with some saying it is a first step by PP regime in the fight against corruption as Assan has vowed not to shield anyone involved in the famous cash-gate scandal.

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