Muslims Rescue Qur’an House

Muslims in the country have managed to pay millions of kwachas to rescue Muslim Association of Malawi’s Qur’an House in Blantyre.

The Muslims through Pulumutsani Qur’an House Initiative (PQH) have managed to pay 138 Million Kwacha to Dan Kamwaza as fees for making a design of Qur’an House as ordered by Court.

Speaking with Radio Islam Malawi , PQH chairperson, Sheikh Umar Nkacherenga, said 22 Million kwacha was paid by Muslim Association of Malawi, 32 million kwacha by Muslim community and a consortium of 3 Muslim brothers led by James Kaombe paid the remaining 84 million kwacha.

Sheikh Nkacherenga called on the Muslim community to support PQH committee in repaying back the remaining money to the 3 brothers.

He said the Muslim community has displayed potential in achieving great things when they are united as witnessed in the initiative.

Sheikh Nkachelenga said though they were faced with challenges they remained focused in achieving their goal.

The initiative was launched in March 2018.

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