Muslims Turn to God on Covid-19 Pandemic Fight

One of the prominent sheikhs in the country has asked Muslims across the country to perform qunut, a special supplication offered during obligatory prayers, asking God to remove the Covid-19 calamity, which has overwhelmed the country’s healthcare systems.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Official Website, Sheikh Chabulika who also happens to be Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Spokesperson, said that Muslims across the country should take advantage of tomorrow’s Friday prayers to start prescribing qunut because “with the way things are now, there is nowhere we can turn to apart from Allah”.

“I was at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and I saw with my naked eyes how people are struggling with Covid-19. You can totally see that it is a big war that only Allah can help us to win. Please let’s do more (sic) qunut starting tomorrow, Friday,” he said.

Earlier today, MAM’s Spokesperson also asked government to Declare a National Day of Prayer Against Covid-19, saying ‘the country needs divine intervention’ in order to succeed against the pandemic.

Malawi is battling with the rising cases of Covid-19 related deaths, prompting the authorities to ask everyone to continue following precaution measures.

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