MWO Cheers Muslim Students with Disabilities

Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) on Sunday visited Muslim Deaf Society (MUDESO) where they cheered people with disabilities at Limbe Primary School and donated various learning materials to the students.

According to Blantyre district vice chairlady Mrs Lumanza the function was expected to take place during the Eid Adhuha celebrations but  was postponed due to other factors.

“As mothers, we thought it is good to come and share our love with these pupils who have different problems. We realise that despite being disabled, they are still human beings and they need our (love and) support like any other person. So, they asked us if we can buy some of their learning materials like Brail papers, Stylus which we have managed to get and we are here to give them,” said the vice chairlady.

Apart from the donation, the women also prepared lunch for the students.

In his remarks, MUDESO chairman Ahmad Masha thanked the women for visiting his school and asked other people from the Muslim community to emulate from the same. He said his students face many challenges more especially the lack of learning materials.

“At first, when we asked MWO to come and cheer with our students as the way they do with others like in hospitals, I thought they would not make it. But Alhamdulillah they have managed to do it. They have donated materials that are expensive and scarce to be found. We really thank them for that and we hope others will emulate the same example,” he said.

In a separate interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website one of the blind role models, Latimu Matenje who is a Mulunguzi Secondary School teacher also thanked the women and appealed to other parents who deny their children the right for education because they are disabled to send them to school.

Mtenje: Let them go to school

“This (act of teaching blind children) is what we need. We are all human beings despite the fact that some of us have these physical impairments. It should be noted by everyone that education is a key to development. When somebody is educated, he/she will be able to stand on his own. So, it is good that they should be sending their children to school. Being blind or dumb does not mean that the brain is also affected, so it is not an excuse,” he explained.

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