NAZAF Chair Dismisses Reports Regarding Closure of His Office

Biton Ajawa: There was nothing like that
Bitoni Ajawa: There was nothing like that

National Zakaat Fund (NAZAF) Chairman Bitoni Majawa has dismissed reports regarding the closure of his office.

This development comes amid reports that his office was closed due to his failure to pay rentals, causing maize which was stored in the office to rot. The maize is contributed by Muslims in form of Zakaah as one of the fundamental pillars of Islam.

However, when this website tried to seek his views on the matter, he denied the reports saying that his office is still operational and has never been closed.

“We just stopped for a week as we were planning to move to another location because previously, l was paying  rent using my own money, which was not easy. So, I thought of moving to my own premises in Mchesi near Madina Masjid, where we are currently operating from.

“There are also rumours that maize was rotten in my previous office, that is a lie and those saying that have just malicious intentions because they did not come (to the office) to prove for themselves whether the allegations are true or not,” he said.

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