NIFA Describes the year 1433 As a Success

Kunje: Very Proud with NIFA’s progress

Aman Kunje, president of Nikah and other Islamic Functions Association (NIFA), has described the year 1433 as a success.

The NIFA prexy made these remarks during an exclusive interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website.

Kunje made mention of some of the activities his executive has done among which are: the organising of two eid celebrations and a lot of nikas compared to other past years.

“The success of every year is judged by the number of activities that you have accomplished. As you are aware, during the year we increased the number of eid celebrations that we have managed to organise (Eid – Fitri and Eid-al-adha) successfully, (and to us) this is a great achievement,” Kunje said.

Kunje whose first term is expiring soon, hailed his team for its hardworking spirit.

The secret that was behind the organizations’ status of being big headed was nothing but the kind of people that are working for NIFA, he says.

They are the cream that Kunje cherishes and appreciate as the best. They work as a team to achieve one goal.

“The secret could be the choice of people that I am working with. My team is hardworking despite that they are not paid anything.  We tell them that this is the job that we are not going to be paid here but in the hereafter. ALLAH subhana wataala is going to reward us accordingly depending on how much time we are going to give on these activities,” said Kunje.

The confident NIFA president therefore renewed his promise that more is expected during the 1434 calendar.

“Right now we are looking at what we have failed and we are looking at plans on how we can take those that we have failed and move forward. We are planning this coming year to be a more successful year than the previous year in most of our activities. There are quite a number of activities we want to do in the next year.

“For example, setting up outside committees in other districts like Mangochi. We only have one in Lilongwe. But our emphasis is that people should do things which are in line with Islamic teachings. We should encourage the behaviour of doing good things outside the mosque.”

On elections, the prexy confirmed that he will seek another term saying their constitution allows him to do so.

He has served only one term which is coming to an end.

He however said if he will fail to return his position in the forthcoming election, he will accept it and play the advisory role if the need be.

“It is the requirement of the constitution…” he says “that we need to operate for two terms, unless something drastic then I will not participate my last term but it is not the discipline of the constitution. The constitution says the person must finish his two terms.”

Nifa was formed four years ago in a bid to organise and manage Islamic functions in an Islamic way.

The founders say they were not happy with the behaviour of some Muslims who were leaving Islam on grounds that the religion does not provide enough entertainment during its weddings.

 By Hassan Bhoma

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