No Date Set for Schools, Colleges Re-opening- Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, is advising the general public to ignore the social media false statement that standard 8 and form 4 students will commence their normal studies on 25th May, 2020.

The Ministry says no date for the opening of schools and colleges has been set after the closure on 23rd March, 2020.

In a statenent signed by the Secretary for Education, Mr Justin Saidi dated 9th May, 2020, the Ministry says it is mindful of the need to open schools and colleges saying that process shall invite the engagement with their stakeholders as well as the Ministry of Health and the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19.

“COVID-19 is real and requires concerted efforts by all of us,” reads a statement from the Secretary for Education.

But, in the statement dated 9th May,2020 by the Minister of Education, Dr william Susuwele Banda, is advising the general public of the measures to be applied for preventing the further spread of COVID-19 in schools.

In a statement, the Ministry says each class will accomodate 15 students, School Management Committees (SMC) to purchase handwashing, sanitizers using School Improvenent Plan ( SIP) funds and utility funds .

A statement says teachers and learners are encouraged to have face masks with all teachers being asked to report for duties as classes will be starting from 08:00 a.m – 12:00 midnight.

“Other students from the rest classes are advised to continue studying lessons uploaded on ministry’s website mw whilst primary school lessons will be broadcasted on MBC radio and TV from next week,” reads the letter signed by the Minister.

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