NRB launches Dolo Amalembetsa Unzika Campaign

The National Registration Bureau on Monday launched a campaing called Dolo Amalembetsa Unzika in Lilongwe at BICC, the campaign is aimed at urging young people to register for National identity card.

Speaking at the official launch of the campaign NRB Chief Director Meckford Somanje said they have launched the campaign which they believe will motivate so many young people to register and have the National identity card.

“We have observed that most of the youths are not registered and that’s not good because the National ID is very important and failing to have the ID may lead to some consequences even being arrested, so that has come to us as NRB to work together with HD plus creations in the campaign to encourage the youths to register.

You know very well that the last registration happened back then in 2017 and many people did not register at that particular time especially young ones and till now they haven’t that’s why we have launched the campaign”,said Somanje.

In his remarks United Nations Development Program ( UNDP ) Chief technical advisor, Tariq Malik said Malawi has done a great job in registering adults in the last registration.

“Malawi registered adults in the last registration that happened in 2017 but now there is need to include the youth that were left in the last registration so that they can have that opportunity to have Nation ID’s”, said Maliq.

The campaign is expected to happen in many areas in the country starting from central region, northern region and southern region.

HD plus creations they have been involved in the campaign as agent by producing music videos, adverts among others to encourage youths through such videos and adverts and also make them aware of the registration process.

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