Official Message from NHRC on the Eid Adhuha Day

The members of the National Ru’yatul Hilal Committee (NRHC) are mandated to coordinate the Hilal Sightings in Malawi.

All communications in respect of the moon sighting & Islamic holidays to the Muslim Community and Government will be handled by the Muslim Association of Malawi(MAM) subject to the approval of The Chairman of NRHC. MAM is an active and responsible member of NRHC.

The Islamic Calendar in all the Islamic months including the month of Ramadhan, Eidul-Fitr and Eidul-Adha will be confined to the sighting of the moon here in Malawi and/or within the regional countries; Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique & South Africa.

National Ru’yatul Hilal Committee would like to therefore inform one and all in Malawi that this year the Eidul-Adha will be celebrated on Sunday 05 Oct ’14 being 10th Zul-Hijjah 1435.

The decision has been arrived at after sighting of the moon in Malawi on Thursday the 30th Dhul-Al-Qadah being 25 September’14. The sighting was also confirmed in the Southern African Region i.e. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique & South Africa.

It is therefore requested that all the Jamaats and the respective Muslim organizations celebrate the Eidul-Adha  on Sunday the 05 Oct’14.




Iqbal Omar                                                                                                        

National Coordinator                                                               

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