Opinion: Malawi Youths Should Ignore Partisan Politics

Youths must be at the forefront of developing the country,

It is skeptical to observe how youths dwell into partisan politics and forget about future generations. Partisanship has disastrous effects on youths. Partisan politics limit youths from idolizing their purported political opponents.

Youths ignore the neutrality in politics just to serve their political masters. Some are tasked to be partisan while others do it for being nepotistic. Mostly, youths become partisan based on unsubstantiated grounds. Not because one is competent, but rather they come from the same district, region or share similar religious beliefs or language with a particular political guru.

Competence is not attached to region, tribe or religious beliefs. Sharing similar religious beliefs can’t make one rally behind a certain political leader who is undoubtedly incompetent. It is bizarre. It is called blind loyalty.

It is baffling how youths praise their political leaders savagely. For youths, it is not a sin to show political affiliations but dwelling too much into partisan politics show how irrelevant one is in the political horizons. Practicing partisan politics blindly deflate the country’s economic tyre. Unity is the tyre of economy.

Youths are not supposed to dwell too much into partisan politics. When youths are politically corrupt, just know that the country is stagnating and when the country is stagnating, just know that conceptualization of political economy is in bad shape. And when conceptualizing political economy is ravaged, just know the country will struggle to move from low to middle and then developed economy.

Productive youths think of life outside their political affiliations. Productive youths are innovative. Innovative youths draw a line between their political gods and patriotism. Youths who are not into partisan politics are patriots. Youths must desist from political mongering.

The fresh presidential polls day is around the corner. All presidential candidates namely Peter Mutharika of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are both optimistic to carry the day. Obviously, one candidate will win. Youths will supposed to refrain from causing unnecessary tension after declaring the winner.

There will be life after fresh presidential polls. It will be high time to come together and develop the country. Youths are supposed to be at the forefront of developing the country. It is very possible to build a better country for all. A country good for our generation and future generations.

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