Police Clear MAM Chair Over Alleged Abuse of Funds

Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad and Sheikh Ainati
Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad and Sheikh Ainati

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad can now afford a smile after Fiscal Police in Blantyre dropped their investigation over his alleged misappropriation of donor funds at the association.

Last month, the Chairman was summoned by the Police to explain how he used MK 39million donation from the African Continent Committee at Revival of Islamic Heritage of Kuwait after some members believed to be from within the association reported him that he is diverting donors money into his personal account.

However, the charges were dropped after committee’s Chairperson Sheikh Jassim Ainati reported to police on August 27, saying there is no even a single penny that was abused.

“The donor from Kuwait signed for a statement in which he explained that he personally visited and supervised projects in Mchinga and Mangochi where two mosques were constructed using that donation,” Blantyre Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Divala said, according to the Nation Newspaper.

In an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad said he was not moved with the allegations.

“I knew there is no‏thing wrong I have done. Moreover, these donors have started assisting MAM after I personally convinced them. The Kuwait donors stopped us assisting back in 1990s. They still have that fear that’s why the money was not channelled to MAM account… they handle everything themselves,” said the Chairman.

Commenting on the development, Sheikh Ainati told this website that it was very unfortunate to hear such “shocking” allegations, which according to him, were “unfounded and malicious”.

“I supervised everything. All projects were implemented and I am 100 percent convinced,” he said.

Ainati therefore said the recent developments have not affected his relationship with the MAM Chairman and he revealed that his organisation will still assist underprivileged Malawian regardless of their background.

“Very soon we will be launching some projects including primary schools. This is apart from the relief aid that we will continue bringing in the country.”

Meanwhile, the MAM Chairman has left for Tanzania to attend Zanzibar Peace Conference. The conference has been organised as the country is preparing for general elections next month. Several dignitaries including religious leaders from different countries have been invited to attend and Sheikh Muhammad is the one representing Muslims in Malawi.

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