Police Intercept Stolen Goats in Mangochi

Police in Mangochi district have intercepted 10 (ten) goats suspected to have been stolen within the district.

Mangochi police station piblic relations officer Amina Daudi told Muslim Media Agency that the incident happened on August 8, 2022 within Nyanya Crossing Point in Chiponde where border police officers were manning the roadblock.

“In course of duties, border police officers heard unusual noise coming from almost 50 metres away from the barrier. This prompted the officers to make a follow up hence intercepted three unidentified men who were controlling 10 goats from Malawi to Mozambique using uncharted routes,”Daudi says.

The public relations officer says the three abandoned the goats after noticing that they were being followed.

“It is believed that the goats were stolen from Malawi and were being taken to Mozambique for sale,” Daudi says.

Meanwhile, police are advising concerned ones to visit the said police formation or any nearest police in order to identify the animals.

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