Ramadhan Preparations Update from Malawi

Following the dawning of the lovely holy month of Ramadhan, Jamaat in Blantyre North are still doing all necessary measures in order to scoop more thawabs (rewards) from Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala in the course of fasting. Recently there has been a mass nikah ceremony at Che Lifa Masjidi in T/A Chigalu that included families surrounding it officiating their marriages in a very simplest method. More than 20 families participated in this cermony that was conducted by sheikh Said Abdul Bast with the initiative of sheikh Fattan.

Some husbands begun by reverting to Islam followed by nikah. “ At first we thought that nikah involves so much things but lo! It is simple as could not be expected” said one of the beneficiaries of the programme commonly known as bamboo a Anold who also embraced Islam on the spot.

Most people tend to hide behind unblessed marriage in order not to fast during this month of Ramadhan. Sheikh Issah known also as Joster congratulated sheikh Fattan for this initiative and hoped him not to stop it but to further do the same programme to other areas.

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