Sheikh Chabulika Warns Muslims Of The Innovations On The Day Of Ashoora

Sheikh Chabulika

Sheikh Dinar Chabulika has asked all Muslims worldwide to celebrate the 10th day of the month of Muharram wisely saying slapping the cheeks, weeping, and reciting eulogies is not part of Islam.

On Speaking to our reporter after delivering his sermon to the nearly 1000 people who thronged at Blantyre Main Masjid on Friday, sheikh Chabulika said despite this month having several virtues in Islam, there are other things that are out of Islamic context.

“It is totally forbidden in Islam to remember this day by slapping the cheeks, weeping, and reciting eulogies. And even if you ask those who follow the teachings of the prophet and read Quran, they will not tell you that this is correct,” Chabulika told Malawi Muslim Official Website.

“The month of Muharram has a lot of virtues and blessings. Infact, the reason that the day of Ash’ura has been given the importance is that in the beginning of Islam the fast of Ash’ura was Fard, when Allah (swt) revealed the ayat of fasting in Ramadan as being Fard . The Jews of Madina used to fast on the 10th Muharram because they said it was on this day that Prophet Moses peace be upon him and the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea miraculously and Pharaoh was drowned,” he continued.

The Islamic Information Bureau coordinator also said Prophet Muhammad recommended Muslims to fast the 10th, and preferably also the ninth, of Muharram to celebrate this occasion in recognition and thankfulness of Muslims to God for His support to prophet Moses in saving him and the Jews from the tyranny of the Pharaoh. It proves also that Muslims have faith in all God prophets.

When asked if there is any connection between this day and the death of Hussein (r.a), Sheikh Chabulika was quick to say:

“There is no any relationship between this day and the death of Hussein (r.a) because the prophet recommended Muslims to fast this day even before the birth of Hussein himself. All those who celebrate this day in connection with the death of Hussein they are completely wrong and it has no any base in Islam and they do that on their own,” he stressed.

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