The Most Loved One

They are in our communities, areas and maybe in our own homes yet it’s possible that we do not know them better. Only Allah knows them better even than they know themselves. They are very humble such that it’s sometimes difficult to recognize the magnificent knowledge and capabilities they posses.

Their fear of Allah is almost only known by them and Allah. Going back to previous sins is the most hated abomination to them after they have repented. There is an explosion of  ear and anger whenever they commit any sin even if it becomes apparent to them that no one possesses the knowledge of their sins.

Yes it’s because they feel watched each and every time neither by you nor me but by the All-seeing and All-knower.  The magnitude of the sin is not necessarily put under consideration rather they like pondering over the greatness and highness of the Creator to whom they will be answerable for each and every sin. Even Satan has lost hope in coaxing them to doing great sins.

They do not engage themselves in backbiting nor will you find them taking part in vain talk. They are extremely conscious about time for they are perfectly aware that
they will be answerable for each and every second of time they had spent on Earth. Constancy in their prayers and the other acts of worship is their logo. To them punctuality is so beloved that they would wait for you rather than making you wait for them.

Indeed the pious do not care much when they are wronged or betrayed but they hate wronging, hurting or betraying others. They are quick to forgive and calm down yet they are well aware that it takes miracles for others to forgive them.

The life style of the pious is very simple and they are always happy because they do not compare their life or what they have to the life of others or what they have. They swiftly with wisdom correct any wrong if they are capable to do so.

They are not so lazy that they do not need to impose nor argue with a bunch of hesitant people for a simple work to be done. After accomplishing something notable, preference in using the phrase “we did..” is more beloved to them to using the phrase “I did…”  even if they barely receive(d) any help from others for they are not selfish nor do they want thanks from you and me.

Patience is one of the noble characters they posses. No matter how sour or sweet life becomes to them, “Alhamdulillah; Praise be to Allah” seems to be the reaction
they favor.

The fact that their feet can not break nor shake the Earth makes them humbled even towards the surface of the Earth. You will never see them walking in a haughty manner.

The pious donot care about the derogatory comments casted unto them since fear of the blameof the blamers is not an option.

May Allahput you and me among them… among the pious.

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