Thugs Attack Sheikh Dinala Chabulika


Sheikh Chabulika was attacked by thugs at his house


On Sunday midnight unknown thugs attacked one of the influential Muslims in Malawi, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, at his house in Namiyango, Blantyre.

According to the Sheikh, the armed thugs broke into the house and started stabbing him.

“I told them that if they want money I can give them but they said they were not interested in money or anything else but my life. My wife tried to cry for help but to no avail. With the help of Allah we all managed to escape but they stabbed me on both arms using panga knives,” he said.

Sheikh Dinala who is also Islamic Information Bureau Coordinator said both children and the wife managed to escape unhurt.

He therefore said he has since reported the matter to police though still struggling with the injuries.

“They didn’t even mention why they wanted to kill me. But thanks to Allah that we managed to escape,” he added.

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