“Tonse Alliance” Respects Religious Groupings

Vice President who is also the runningmate of Tonse Alliance in the fresh presidential elections, Dr Saulos Chilima says politicians should stop spreading false information that when the alliance gets into power on 2nd July, 2020 will end Islam.

Chilima who is also the UTM party president made the remarks today at a political rally in Kasungu district.

The Vice President says no president has power to end any religion in the country and it is wrong to spark tension among Malawians.
“No president can end any religion. Let us focus on clean politics not dividing Malawians. Past leaders of the country didn’t end any religion and no way can this happen under the “Tonse Alliance” Government,” Chilima says.

Chilima urges people in Kasungu to vote for the alliance come 2nd July, 2020 for the good of the country.
“We should come out in large numbers on the polling and vote for Tonse Alliance. The judiciary did their party and now it is our time to put the right person in the office of president for a better country through ballot,”
“Dr Chakwera, the alliance’s presidential candidate is the right person for the position. We need to elect people who need to develop the country not those who have been lying to us,” Chilima says.

Dr Chakwera did not attend the political rally because he was attending burial ceremony of his mother-in-law in Rumphi district.

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