UDF Still Alive- Lilian Patel

The United Democratic Front (UDF) party says it is making a tremendous progress in its quest to rebuild the party.

Speaking to journalists in Blantyre yesterday,the party’s president Honorable Lilian Patel said they are currently focusing on recruiting members to fill vacant positions that have been idle for sometime.

Patel has since asked members who previously served the party and who are willing to serve to join as they aim to reclaim their popularity.

She further warned people who wants different high positions in the party to wait for conversion and not forming palarel offices.

On governance, the UDF leader asked government to provide alternative places where people can buy maize now that admarc is closed.

“It is not a secret that people are starving out here and it is going to be good if government provides alternative places where people can go and purchase maize as buying it from vendors is now expensive that many Malawians cannot afford to buy,” she said.

She added,” Additionally let the government also inform Malawians if there will be fertilizer this year, do not wait until the rain starts, now is the time if subsidy will not there let Malawians know and also make sure that the commodity is available on the market so that people with cash can buy.”

The UDF leader asked Malawians to embrace the buy Malawi campaign as one way of preserving foreign currency.

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