We are Ready to Serve Muslims – Sheikh Abbas Vinjenje

The newly elected Secretary for Majilis Ulama Council of Malawi, Sheikh Abbas Vinjenje says the new committee members are ready to diligently serve the Muslim community in the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Muslim Media Agency yesterday after the council’s elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Blantyre Lodge in Blantyre, Sheikh Vinjenje said all the members in the committee are self-starters in Islamic activities.

“The team is so determined and most all the members elected today are self- starters in Islamic activities, therefore they will effectively serve the Muslim ummah, Insha Allah,” he told Muslim Media Agency.

Sheikh Vinjenje said the committee has a lot of duties ahead on behalf of the Malawi Muslims.

“We have major duties such as regulating mists regarding moonsighting, protecting and improving sheikhs welfare in the country and promotion of Dawa activities,” he said.

Sheikh Vinjenje also promised to revamp and support pure and authenticated knowledge in all Islamic learning institutions in the country and the establishment of Fatawas through the ulama council.

Other duties of the council according to the Council’s Secretary are ensuring that sanity amongst all sheikhs is obseved, observing that all matters related to Islam are tackled by learned sheikhs and coordinating all sheikhs regardless of their schools of thoughts.

During the Annual General Meeting a renowned Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Uthman Ntalika was appointed as the Grand Mufti of Malawi replacing the late Mufti Kassim Abbas who passed on few years ago.

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