Zomba Women Urged To Follow Islamic Way Of Managing Families

Women in Zomba have been urged to follow laws and principals of Islam when managing their families since a well administered family Allah blesses it with wealth and children of good deeds. The call was made by Sheikh Muhammad Amini Kanjala during the sideline of the Dawah meeting organized by Albarakah Charity Trust – ZODEC in Zomba on Saturday.

The meeting was organized to enlighten and eliminate issues that arise because of ignorance of Islamic beliefs in their marriages.   The sheikh observed that many women are failing to raise their families properly because they imitate ideologies from other cultures. He therefore urged Muslim women to choose right people whom to be-friend with. “While Islam teaches its followers to respect the neighbor however it is imperative to choose a neighbor whom you share the same ideologies.  “Sheikh Kanjala said”

Sheikh Kanjala bemoaned the tendency by Muslims who normally engages sheikhs whenever they want to conduct their Nikahs but fail to get back to them and consult when they seek divorce. He therefore advised women not to rush to other non Islamic institutions whenever they have disagreements in the marriages but instead they should go to a Sheikh and get advice on how to solve the problems and probably end the marriage.

He told the gathering that it is not Islamic for couples to start staying together as husband and wife without making Nikah saying Allah (SWAT) does not bless such families. “Let us as Muslims follow proper Islamic procedures”. “Let us not force our young girls into marriage and instead encourage them to go to schools and madras’s for them to be reliable Muslims in the communities”. Sheikh Kanjala advised the women.

Speaking during the same function, Sheikh Salim Mulosola advised the Muslim women to trade carefully when they want to use birth controls and contraceptives in family planning. Sheikh Salim Mulosola said that Islam allows one to do family planning but through the Islamic way which is known as Al-azil as this is the most practiced in Islam. However one can use other methods of birth controls on conditions that she is having complication when giving birth and that endanger her life.

Sheikh Imran Daudi expressed worry with the growing number of new infection on HIV AIDS among the Muslim community despite that Allah (SWAT) advices the Muslims through the Qur’aan “not to come near adultery”  He therefore asked the women to desist from the tendency of having multiple sexual partners for those not yet got married and make Nikah and advised those in marriage to be faithful to their husband and do not make sex outside marriage and also  urged them to go for HIV Testing in order to know their status to achieve a zero new HIV/AIDS infections.

Speaking on behalf of Muslim Women Organization –  Zomba chapter,  sister Jamila Kapanje thanked Al_Barakah Charity Trust for gathering together such a big number of women  and asked the organization to continue with such programs. He described the program as a step ahead to improving Islamic knowledge among Muslim women who they lag behind in Islamic education hence lack direction on their daily endeavors.

The Meeting was attended by women around Zomba including women organizations, professionals among others. The meeting was organized under the theme “Marriage and Divorce in Islam”

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