UN to Agree New Millenium Goals

United Nations Headquarters in New York
United Nations H/Quarters in New York

Organization of Africa Youth (OAYOUTH) is expected to join the leaders from different countries around the continent as they are meeting in United States of America (USA) where new sustainable development goals will be launched.

The leaders whose countries are the members of the United Nations (UN) are expected to meet in USA this week for the conference including the president of Malawi Peter Mutharika who already left the country on Monday.

One of the agenda at the conference in USA is to launch the new sustainable development which will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) which were introduced in 2000 and this year (2015) is the deadline.

These new sustainable development goals are expected to be launched this coming Thursday in New York (USA) and OAYOUTH will join them by having an event here in Malawi whereby they will be telling the public some of the things which have been achieved in the MDG’s and introducing some of the goals which are in the Sustainable Development in which the deadline is 2029.

OAYOUTH country’s representative in Malawi Ambassador Moses Busher told Malawi Muslims Website that it is good to celebrate for the good job which has been done by the different leaders across the globe including Malawi to at least achieving most of the MDG’s.

Busher said they will have an event on the same day (Thursday) as the leaders will be launching NSDG’s.

“We have organised an event whereby we will move around the Blantyre City to tell public on some of the goals that have been achieved from the MDG’s and on top of that we will also tell them some of the new sustainable development which will be launched in USA,”

“As you know that in the past MDG’s which were introduced in 2000 had only eight goals but in this new sustainable development goals there are more than 17 goals, which are expected to be achieved by 2029,” said Busher

He also said that these sustainable development goals are for the whole world not for individual countries which is departure from the previous MDG’s

“In this new sustainable development goals there are some new milestones that have been set that were not included  previous millennium development goals and now we are saying that all the countries including those counties in Europe should completely eradicate poverty by December 2029,” said the country’s representative for OAYOUTH