46 year old man says beer influenced him to defile 4 year old girl


    The Holy Qur’an forbids drinking all kinds of intoxicants.

    “O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, idolatry, and divining arrows are an abomination of Satan’s handwork. So avoid that so that you may be successful,”- Surah Al Maaida.

    Nyamayagwadala Gumbo, 46,has confessed while in police custody that drunkenness trapped him to defile a 4 year old child in the central lake-shore district of Nkhotakota.

    Nkhotakota police public relations officer Williams Kaponda said during statement giving, on defilement charge against section 138 (1) of the penal code, Gumbo told police that he was decoyed by beer which he had took at the complainant aunt’s house.

    “On Thursday December 5, 2019, the suspect came at their house with intent to drink beer,”

    “At the time, the victim was around the compound playing with her friends. However, minutes later, it transpired that the victim disappeared from the place which kindled the mother ask of her whereabouts,” Kaponda said.

    He added that later it was discovered that the victim was last seen with the suspect heading towards his house.

    “Hurriedly, together with other people, the mother followed to the suspect’s house a stone throw distance and shockingly caught the suspect red-handed in action,”

    “This prompted the victim’s mother scream for help to the surrounding people who swiftly jam-packed the place and aggressively beaten the suspect,” Kaponda said.

    Thereafter, Gumbo was taken to Nkhotakota police with a mob of people asking for his blood to teach him good morals.

    According to the suspect’s statement, he induced a 4 year toddler with Kamba puffs which he bought before reaching his house.

    The suspect Nyamayagwadala Gumbo, 46, hails from Jumpha village in the area of Traditional Authority Mkokola in Dowa district meanwhile stays at Phangwa village in the area of Traditional Authority Makuta in Nkhotakota district.