An ‘Emotional’ MAM Chairman Irritates Muslims in Ntcheu

    MAM Chair: Addressing the gathering
    MAM Chair: Addressing the gathering

    Muslims who came to witness the official opening of new Islamic Information Bureau office in Ntcheu on Sunday were irritated with the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad’s ‘uncalled-for’ remarks.

    The chairman, who was the Guest of Honour at the function blasted Muslims in the country in the presence of non Muslims saying they don’t contribute much money to the noble course instead they blame the Association for any failures.

    “Muslims in Malawi are different from Christians. Every Month, Christians pay Chachikhumi (Tithe) but Muslims are failing even to contribute 2.5% per year. When I took over MAM chairmanship, I asked everyone to contribute Fifty Kwacha per month, the funds which MAM would have been using for some developmental activities.  But since then, nobody has contributed even a single penny. And yet today, someone is coming to my office saying he wants money, money for what?” said a highly charged Malawi Muslims’ leader.

    Another thing which irritated Muslims it is when the chairman told the function, which was attended by about 150 non Muslim chiefs that his fellow Muslims wanted to bewitch him after he was bought a new car.

    “After a well-wisher bought me a car other people approached numerous witchdoctors in search of charms that would make me involved in a car accident and eventually die but they failed,” he said.

    After the function, several people, who did not want to be mentioned, said they were angry with the remarks saying it is not what they expected from a well respectable sheikh like him.

    “This was the worst speech our Muslim leader has ever made. We expected him to talk more about the function but instead he lost direction. He could have taken example from what his friends such as Senior Chief Kwataine who produced tangible remarks,” said one of the concerned Muslims.

    Another Muslim brother who also came to attend the function said: “I was ashamed as if I am the one speaking. I was thinking how non Muslims would look at us here. What impression was he trying to give? If it was a function attended by Muslims only then there could be no any problem. He was too emotional.

    “Senior Chief Kwataine has said the coming of bureau will help them to know more the true teachings of Islam. So, with what the chairman has said, does it reflect to the true teachings of Islam? Castigating your fellow Muslims in public?”


    1. Hahahahaha for some reason, I have never been convinced this Shiekh is fit for this position. We surely need to explore ways of impeaching him. He is bound to do more harm to the Muslim community than good. Am not too sure about his secular qualification. It is high time our Shiekhs had both a degree in Islamic studies and a minimum of a diploma in secular. Given how poor our Islamic curricula is, little understanding of Islam even among the “leaned” muslims, we need some secular education on addition to the Islamic qualification. I guess it is a sign of how rotten our society is. I don’t know how people chose this Siekh to be the Chairman. In addition, why didn’t the organizers ask someone else like TA kadewere to be guest of honour??? Seriously this is disgusting. Am ashamed to be associated with such people.

    2. Aaaaaaah! Mr Chairman, wrong speech, at wrong place. And what has the opening of the Bureau to do with your being bought a car. The person who also bought you the car is a lunatic, instead of buying the car for MAM why did he buy for an individual, you had just won the elections and not yet worked for MAM so this car was not for anything good you had done for the Muslim ummah, which means this must have been a bribery of some sort. It seems you have a lot to say to the Muslim ummah but you are too dull and don’t know how to engage the people you claim to lead. A piece of advice, just organize a meeting at Iqra and invite Muslims for a chat, air your views, that way you would have started the ball rolling. Don’t spoil beautiful functions with your unsensible speeches. I am sure next time the Muslims know that they should never invite you to participate in anything unless they want their functions to be spoiled. If I were you, I would have started to balance off my religious education with secular, (school yakwacha)you really need a bit of some boost in secular education in order for you to knw how to go about things.

    3. eeish are these things happening, what a disgrace and would muslims blame non muslims atamakunenani this and that why wash dirty linen in public is this the best we can do what a shame. where r our ettiquette? and what have we achieved out of this outbursts. words destroy even more than a sword. we have more more house keeping to do. no wonder nothing improves for us

    4. This is not the first time the sheikh has disgraced our religion.i first knew the sheikh need some serious help during the women function in dowa last year.the former first lady spoke much better than him.anyway,he is our chaiman,we need to explore ways of how to help him make speeches that suit the events he is askd to attend.there are so many educated and reasonable muslims in our country to help make speeches for our chaiman.No president makes speech without consultation.why should it be aproblem for our sheikh to do so.Does it mean he doesnt trust peaple, that entrusted him with leadeship responsibility; for help?look we are the most fortunate peaple in the fact that islam encourages us to seek knolege from the ummah regarding stuations and isues that we are not wel versed in.may our sheikh learn to ask his ummah.mostly may ALLAH GUIDE HIM IN THE STRAGHT PARTH


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