APM Hits at Malawians for Politicizing COVID-19

Former President Peter Mutharika's DPP needs Court to nullify 2020 fresh presidential polls.

Former President Professor Peter Mutharika has attacked Malawians for politicizing novel coronavirus when he was in office.

According to Mutharika, it is worrisome that some politicians were saying that the disease never existed in the country.

“Fellow Malawians, from the word go, my administration urged all of you to take the fight against COVID-19 19 seriously,”

“Corona Virus is real and it was very unfortunate that at a time that we would have best fought the pandemic as a nation , some Malawians politicized the course to the extent of saying Corona Virus never existed in the country,” Mutharika wrote on his official Facebook page.

The former president says it is sad that COVID-19 cases and casualties continue to increase rapidly.

“Today , the numbers of confirmed cases continue to rise and the dealth toll is sky rocketing each passing day,” he says.

Mutharika has urged Malawians to continue following all precautionary measures to defeat the disease.

“As we wait for the government to address the situation with utmost urgency and seriousness, I want to urge you to continue washing hands with soap frequently , observe social distancing, wear face masks , use of sanitizers , go for tests and follow other measures as advised by heath personnel,”

“Our individual efforts are key to the fight against corona virus in the country . Stay home and stay safe . Coronavirus is real,” Mutharika says.