Appeal to Malawian Muslims Not To Vote For Dpp


    A month after the widely criticized remarks by the DPP’s regional governor for the East, Mr Julius Paipi were made, there have been calls from the Muslim community pressuring the DPP leadership to fire the governor.

    However, the party seems to have no any interest on the matter, as it is evidenced by the availability of the governor in question in party events including the recent political rally which was organised by the DPP Vice president for the Eastern region who is also the Minister of Education Hon Bright Msaka held in Liwonde.

    As much as there is a need to strongly emphasize that this article is not against his (Bright Msaka) candidature in the Machinga Likwenu Constituency, it should be understood that it is a sign of taking things for granted to bring him (Paipi) amidst those who were offended (Muslims)

    His (Paipi) appearance in public events does not irk the Muslims within Malawi’s geographical boundaries, but also Malawian citizens residing outside the country.

    After Mr Paipi attended a rally in Liwonde, Malawi Muslim Community UK released a statement accusing the Eastern Region Vice President for working with him, when there are calls to fire him.

    In the statement, the Secretary General for the Malawi Muslim Community UK; Rhodrick Junaid Kalumpha said accommodating Mr Paipi in party rallies when there is a need to fire him, indicates that DPP does not put the welfare of Muslims at heart.

    The statement further says that, should there be no any action from the party, they will mobilize Muslims in the country not to vote for DPP in next year’s elections.

    However, as everyone expected to see an action been taken by the Eastern Region party overseer, it is very unfortunate that the VP is reported to have told the media that he has no powers to fire Paipi, saying the task rests with the party not him as an individual.

    “While the power to sack Mr Paipi does not rest with me, the message from Mr Kalumpha needs to be responded to by the party, and not me as an individual, so I will ask the party’s spokesperson to respond” Hon Msaka told Maravi Post.

    While he (Msaka) refers the matter to the party, it is the very same party which was given 14 days ultimatum through the placard which was carried by Qadria Association of Malawi (QMAM) official during the 27 April demonstrations which disseminated the message on the need for the party to fire him.

    If the party fails to take an action on the matter, what message is it trying to communicate to the public and the entire Muslim world? Would it be wrong for people   to establish in their minds the party does not put the welfare of Muslims at heart?

    Surely, Muslims like any other citizens who deserve responses when they raise concerns, are patiently waiting to see the party taking an appropriate action on the matter.

    Should it fail to comply to the demands, then it will be in order to call Muslims not to vote for the party, since it is everyone’s wish to vote for the party which puts interest of its people at heart.

    The issue of Mr Paipi came after it was reported that he told people in Mangochi during a rally that, they should not vote for a Muslim in next year’s tripartite elections.