Mubarak Endorses Constitution Review Committee


    Cairo: President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak in response to up raising pressure from protesters, who are demanding for his immediate resignation, has endorsed the formation of structured constitution review committee, which has been assigned to review the constitution for the possible changes on sections, 76, 77, 85 and 195, to meet the demands of the protesters.

    Mubarak also approved formation of another committee whose duty is to follow up the developments on national dialogue committee; the committee comprises wise men of the country.

    Mr. Mubarak also assigned another committee to investigate the incident that claimed lives of civilians and scores of injuries in last Wednesday’s protests, when men riding horses and camels attacked the protesters at Tahrir square.

    Meanwhile, thousands of protesters in Tahrir square and other parts of the country are still calling for Mr. Mubarak’s departure as their first priority.

    “We are not leaving our places unless we hear that Mubarak has left the country,” said one of the protesters.

    “15- days -old protests in Egypt has brought a tremendous change in the whole aspects of our life, we are now able to express ourselves, youths are now regarded as part of this country, for the fist time, now we feel that none is above the low, this is the democracy we have been calling for a long time” said one of the protesters.

    Naming this week as the ‘week of steadfastness’, protesters raised placard written, “We want tangible changes in, political, economic and social situations.”

    “Egypt before 25th January is not Egypt after 25th January, long live Egypt,” claimed one of the protesters.

    On his part VP Omar Suleman, emphasized that, the president is very committed and understands with respect, the legitimacy of the protests, and the rights of the youths, to express their needs.

    “They are the pillar of this country, they are calling for the change to make this country a better place in the world,” said Soleman.

    In response to youth’s demand for guarantees that the low will not follow them after leaving their protesting places,  Soleman assured them saying: “law will not follow you for our participation in these legitimate demonstrations, you are the shining stars of this country.”

    Egypt tightened its security in the country, Cairo International Airport’s in-charge has been asked to search all diplomatic bags, whether Arab or foreign, for possible smuggling of weapons and other telecommunication devices, this comes after Cairo accused other capital cities of providing different assistance to protesters, taking advantage of their diplomatic immunity, describing the development as “unfortunate and uncalled for,” amid calling for immediate stop of foreign intervene in the affairs of the country.

    “Egypt is for Egyptians,” Ahmad, the foreign minister said.

    Unrest erupted in Egypt on 25th January, when anti-Mubarak took to the streets demanding his Immediate resignation. Mubarak has been president since 1981 after assassination of president Anwar Sadat.