Asian Businessman Donates to Che Lifa Masjid


    EDITORIAL” Ismael Awwal from Blantyre says the event took place last Sunday the 26th December,2010 and the masjid is in Che-Lifa Village T/A Chigaru in Blantyre North. The commodities distributed includes lady’s bags, languages, small – large sized radio and cassette recorders.

    Muslim women of Che Lifa masjid in Che-Lifa Village T/A Chigaru in Blantyre, Malawi are praising Allah in abundance because of the surprise of gift commodities of different kind that one of the Blantyre Based Asian Business man (name with held) has  donated them.

    This masjid including nursary school, madrassa and a hall were constructed by the same brother and maintained by him to the best of his ability.His aim is to teach muslims around the area and other well to do individuals the spirit of sharing or spending in the path of Allah.

    He has also contsructed humble houses for the orphans,elderly and other vulnarable families within the catchment area in the past three years.His dream is to convert this masjid to a full islamic centre with islamic environment.

    This brother also pray a commendable job of providing iftar during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, and also distributes Qur’ban during the days of qur’ban.

    Women’s matron Aisha Mambo, nick named  “Achakongwe” who is also an inspector of the nursery school of the compus, advised the women to live islamic life like covering their heads with scalves. She said this after she  observed that most women are fond of covering their heads only when there is an islamic function. She also said that she was there to amend the bad habit and not to create enemity .Aisha Mambo reminded them that this is part of her assignment as a Radio Islam Malawi announcer.

    Asked his comments, sheikh Issah Joster said he has names of jamat well recorded in a register. When ever this indian wants to distribute items, “it is done as a means of a raff drawer.All the winners are chosen by asian and his team to avoid fraud.All those who once won have their name marked creating a chance for the unmarked names to be considered in future draw.”

    Hajj M’bwana, another Radio Islam announcer was also present and boosted the morale of the audience.Hajj advised all the participants and winners in particular “to consider the gifts as iman boosters in this religion.”

    This project started 12 years ago. The  masjid is located along Zalewa road behind Namikasi Secondary School. At one time the businessman observed his salaat in old masjid before the new one was constructed. From that time the interest of assisting the masjid arose in him.

    The only thing is that brother does not require his name published or announced.