Balaka Police in Fight against COVID-19: Arresting Drivers Violating Preventive Measures


As it is the mission of Malawi Police Service (MPS) to protect life and property, Balaka Police Station has geared up to fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Balaka Police Station Deputy Publicist Precious Makuta says the station is delivering messages concerning the pandemic through road shows using the public address system.

According to Makuta, this is done within the jurisdiction to make sure that even those in the remote areas get the message.

“The station is interested much on child protection during the pandemic. Filling pity with the children in the district, the way they are behaving, due to the closure of the schools, since they do just walk any how, interacting with friends whom they don’t know their status, possibilities of getting the disease are so high to them hence the awareness,” Makuta says.

He says most of them, especially in remote areas, do not know how one can get the disease, how to prevent from getting it.

“The station in conjunction with Balaka district hospital, is trying its best to make sure that this group knows how to protect themselves from the deadly disease,”

“Mainly, the message that the station is giving on coronavirus, is dwelling much on the preventive measures as well as ways on how one can get it. This is to make sure people’s lives are protected in the district,”

“The station is even arresting and prosecuting minibus and taxi drivers who do not follow road traffic rules and regulations that may result in spreading the disease, like exceeding sitting capacity,” he says.

According to Makuta, it is the wish of the station to make sure that not many lives are lost through the pandemic within its area.