Be Responsible Muslim Youth – ICBM MSA Chair

Stambuli: We Have to be responsible
Stambuli: We Have to be responsible

Muslim youths in the country have been advised to be  responsible if they are to be good citizens of this country.

The call was made on Sunday by ICBM Chairman Shams Stambuli at  a get-together organized by International College Business Management (ICBM) in conjunction with Soche Technical College Muslim Students Association held at Soche Technical College.

The function was organized under the theme “The Role Muslim Youth”.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Official Website, the ICBM Chair said that Muslim youth should know their main responsibility in the country.

“The best role that Muslim youths can do is to acquire knowledge of both Islamic and secular. This is what will help them in this life and hereafter,” he said.

His Shaffie Awamie of Soche Technical College concurred with Stambuli saying that there is no much benefit in rushing for money at the expense of education.

“Muslim youths should stop rushing to South Africa for a piece work. Of course, it is not a crime to go to work abroad, but is it is good to get educated first,” said Awamie.

The youth further commended organizations that are offering bursaries to Muslim youths.

“We would like to thank organizations like African Development Education Fund (ADEF) and Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF) for their efforts to help Muslim youths from poor families. However, we would like to ask these organizations to think about other districts as well unlike concentrating on the districts in the lakeshore region only. They can introduce quarter system in identifying beneficiaries for the scheme. There are also other intelligent Muslim students in other districts such as Phalombe, Nsanje, Chitipa, Karonga ,Ntchisi just to mention a few  who are ending up dropping out due to lack of school fees. Reaching out to them can also bring about a change in the Muslim community,” said the MSA leader.

On another note, the ICBM chairperson also reminded Muslim youths in the country to exercise their right in the forth coming tripartite elections by registering and vote during next year’s elections.

“We also take the opportunity to remind our fellow students who are eighteen years old and above to register when time for registration in their areas come. Youth are not supposed to be used for violence by political parties. They are also citizens of this country who are responsible for the development of the country. Therefore they should register and vote for the leaders of their choice next year,” said Stambuli.

Muslim students in the country organizes get-together to discuss contemporary issues affecting them in the country. This is done in their schools through their MSAs and youth groups respectively.

Reporting by Hassan Bhoma Phiri, Correspondent