BIM Hosts 3rd Muslim Scholars Seminar


    Kassam Okhai

    Muslim scholars in the country have been advised to start engaging their communities in dialogue regarding many challenges affecting the nation. The call was made on Saturday by Islamic Zakat Fund (IZF) Chairman and Founder of Radio Islam Kassam Okhai at a three day seminar which is currently underway at Blantyre Islamic Mission

    Okhai said that it is only through dialogue that barriers can be broken, we need to build relationships with other communities outside our localities. Okhai also reminded the audience the importance of involving the women and youth who are the majority in our societies.

    “We need to engage our Mosque committees to introduce weekly or monthly classes on different aspects like agriculture, education, and health just to mention a few. Let us have dialogue on these issues and our communities will be transformed,”he said.

    BIM Dialogue

    In his opening remarks, the Principal of the institution Sheikh Muhammad Muaz Siddik Nadwi, reminded scholars the importance of such gatherings by outlining the dangers of Shiaism to Malawi in general and to the Muslim society in particular.

    The seminar was organised by Mahad Abubaker Siddick.

    One member from the organizing committee Sheikh Adam Nkachelenga said that “This is the third seminar since we started meeting during last three years. Such seminars are conducted every year with different themes. The aim of these seminars is to refresh the Scholars with new ways of propagating Islam and at the same time it helps us to plan activities for the year.”

    Kachelenga said that every year they choose different topical issues on challenges that the Muslim community in Malawi.

    This year’s seminar was held under the theme Dialogue and its benefits in the society.


    1. Salamu alaikum.
      This is a good initiative. It is really important for our scholars to get refresher courses on current affairs and how as Muslim scholars can tackle such problems facing the ummah at this critical times. As it has been mentioned, Shia is the internal problem that Islam is facing and if not properly handled and no proper sensitization is done to the Muslim community about the dangers this group is posing to the authentic teaching of Islam, many will be misled and get lost in the maze. It is therefore, the right move for the organizers to include the danger of shiaism to Islam on the agenda. Hopefully they went into details on how these group lures the majority and what they scholars aught to do to curb the dangers of this group. May Allah protect us from secterianism in Islam and may Allah keeps us on the straight path, the path of the righteous predecessors. Allahuma amen.

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